Deepheist – Final Previews

Out already for our Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Deepheist’ sees Wonderstrike and the Anvil tangle over a stolen briefcase and the vast sums of cash therein. The briefcase has a tracker and Wonderstrike expects everything to be simple, but Anvil’s plan could see the tables turned!


  • Excellent video!
    From the fun of Wonderstrike undercover again… the actress really seemed to be having a lot of fun during the disguise portion of the video. She must love those Wonderstrike undercover scenes as much as us fans do 😀
    Amazing performances from both her and Anvil. And with these two, of course the action was top-notch.
    Loved the ending, as Anvil’s plan dawns on Wonderstrike.
    Great photo-set too, with many many wonderful shots of the lovely heroine.

  • Wonderstrike is one of my favorites (even if I will miss her long blond hair), I bought the video and photo set, and let me say I loved this video, great action, her fighting skill is excellent, very nice touch her Wonderstrike outfit under casual clothes, the story theme superheroine undercover are my favorites. Great video guys, a lot of energy in the fighting scene…!♥♥
    I expect more video videos like this in the future…!

  • Screw the haters, Wonderstrike’s uncover skills are first class. “Polly Splendid” is an excellent health inspector’s name and the outfit is perfect. Glasses? Fantastic. The accent is also spot-on. All in all, her disguise is impenetrable.
    I love it when the heroines wear glasses, it’s always a cute look. They usually come off before the fisticuffs begin, but Anvil proves how truly low he is by hitting the girl with glasses! And while she’s still wriggling out of her coveralls! What a fiend.
    Wonderstrike is terrific in these action-comedy oriented mission videos and her fights are tremendous fun. She moves so well, has great coordination, and is just a gifted physical actor all around. I also like how much she visibly enjoys fighting when it’s going well. I prefer fights where advantage passes back and forth, as it does in this video, so WS spends some time in control and some on the ropes. Much respect to the Anvil as well, who brings out the best in his sparring partners.
    Great video, and the photoset is very nice as well, with some great action shots and some pictures that show a slightly different side of WS than we’ve seen before.

  • Overall the movie was great ! The first part of it was really funny, and the fight and back and forth jokes between Wonderstrike and Anvil were great too ! The CCTV footage of Wonderstrike ‘stealing’ the money was really well done. Anvil’s last hit on Wonderstrike was nasty. Too bad for Wonderstrike that her overconfidence and carelessness turned into a disastrous ending for her 🙂

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