Dire Donation – Final Previews

Out already for Members…. Sunday here for everyone else… ‘Dire Donation’ sees Majesty’s attempt at a charity fundraiser go horribly, horribly wrong as Nemesis gate-crashes with a donation so big that she can’t ignore it. For his donation he chooses an exhibition fight with Majesty, and despite her optimism and courage, it is a total disaster for her in front of the Heroine Network cameras. How bad does it get? Find out NOW (if you’re a Member) in 48 hours if you aren’t.



  • Very enjoyable video. It’s a simple, but effective scenario that allows Majesty to shine and leans on her strengths. One the best actresses NGC has ever had, it’s always worth it when she gets a bit of time for dialogue and interacting with her opponents. Still, we get to the action quickly, and that action is Nemesis beating the stuffing out of the Queen. Majesty is stalwart, rejoining the fight repeatedly after being knocked out and she does get some shots at the villain, she spends much of the battle delirious and desperate, scrambling and swooning against the overwhelming attack of Nemesis.
    Majesty has been fantastic since her return to the NGC roster earlier this year. With her sister team-up, Danger Room appearance, ring fight with Requiem, and this week’s video, plus several excellent photosets, she’s my leading candidate for MVP this year. Speaking of photosets, the one accompanying today’s video is another quality display of Majesty’s royal charms.

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