Double Bluff – Final Previews

Out already for Members, Sunday on this website for everyone else… The Masked Man reveals a plot to bomb Ubiquity’s city, but is startled by the effectiveness of her powers. As ever with this villain though, there is a plan beyond the plan. Can Ubiquity decipher it before it is too late?


  • Awesome video!
    Ubiquity’s performance was spectacular throughout, particularly in the scene where she’s forced to read the message to camera. So good!
    The Masked Man is suitably creepy (I’ve always thought the way he “talks” is very chilling and effective).
    Both actors did amazingly with the action scenes, which were fast-paced and intense. Once again, there was great use of Ubiquity’s powers.
    Wonderful accompanying photo-set too 🙂

  • Jobson+Silva says:

    Great as always! Ubiquity is becoming my favorite heroine among the newest ones. Masked Man is a creepy and very interesting villain.

  • The newest heroines are all outstanding and Ubiquity is no exception. I think she’s one of the best actresses NGC has ever had, top five at least. If you’re at all a fan of hers and haven’t checked out the UPL content (linked on the main page) you’re in for a treat, because the actress has two fights in the series and they’re both excellent.
    Speaking of which, this video is more than excellent. Ubiquity is one of the heroines that comes across as genuinely “heroic” to me, which is a totally subjective vibe of course, but she just seems to be especially dedicated to principles and motivated by a desire to do good. I love that in this video, for once, the heroine sees a terrorist ransom demand and assumes it’s a ruse to draw her out. Ubiquity isn’t a powerhouse, but she’s got an interesting power and is clever and imaginative. It doesn’t help her here, though. She’s outmatched from the onset and even though she has a few good moments, the fight gives her a lot of chances to demonstrate how terrific she is at performing distress.
    The Masked Man is a fantastic villain who’s been around forever, since Season 2, but he’s been used sparingly so the character has remained fresh and creepy. His vocal manner is still unnerving after all this time and there’s always some twist when he appears. I would like to see him return to his roots a bit, driven by his personal love/hate obsession with heroines rather than profit.
    Anyway, awesome video and the photoset is beautiful.

    • “Ubiquity is one of the heroines that comes across as genuinely “heroic” to me”

      I’d agree with this assessment 🙂

      That’s one of the things I really love about NGC. The heroines aren’t “cookie-cutter”. There’s a huge variety in the way they all behave, not just in the acting, but in the writing. They have unique personalities that makes it easy to get invested in them as characters, and actually care about them.

  • For some reason I thought that the NGC universe was UK based but in this one, it sounds like this story was US based. Lots of plot twists in this one. Might be the first time that the Masked Man was de-hooded. Overall a solid film ! 🙂

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