Double Majesty – Part 1: 78 Photo Set

OUT NOW! Our amazing members now have access to a Double Majesty photo set to accompany the main video ‘Families That Kill Together… Part 1’. We’ve got 78 Photos, primarily of Majesty the Second, since she takes the lead in Part 1, but we’ve got solo and action shots of both ladies too! All in TODAY’S email!


  • A very nice photo set to go with an awesome video.
    Obviously the return of Majesty 1 has been getting a lot of buzz this week, and rightly so. It’s great to have her back again. But I also can’t understate how amazing Majesty 2 was in this video. She was the star for the majority of the run time, after all, and she gave a great performance. In just a few videos (three prior to this one, I believe) she’s managed to create a character full of personality. She even manages to add little character moments during the fights, so that her personality is always shining through.

    Talking of the fighting, the action was awesome. I loved the way it got progressively more challenging as the video went on.
    And then Majesty 1 turns up, and shows she still means business. Great stuff!
    I really loved the scene at the end between the two Majesties.
    Definitely looking forward to part 2.

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