Families That Kill Together – Part 2: Final Previews

Out NOW for Members, Sunday on this website… The main story continues as the two Majesty’s try to overcome a deadly (and undying) Darkheart. How many lives does this guy have? And will our heroine live to tell the tale? And how the hell is any of this happening? So many questions, so few answers!


  • Really enjoyed this one. The interactions/banter between the two was great, and it was a bit of a different vibe, with this seemingly unkillable darkheart zombie, it leaned into a kind of a horror movie feel (albeit slightly), and I liked that, and wouldn’t mind seeing a future release here or there lean into it further.

  • Excellent video, full of great action, and wonderful performances from all involved.
    2 heroines vs 1 baddie is my personal favourite type of fight, and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. Added to that the sisterly banter and bickering, and this one was a lot of fun.
    And an excellent accompanying photo set.

  • Overall the movie was great ! The spooky part was Majesty I telling Majesty II that she should get her own costume. Yikes ! Not sure if a costume with mainly red with blue and white would work ( ie kind of like reversing the blue and red colors on the current Majesty costume. )

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