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  • Excellent! I only had two Championship vids left to get, so I snapped them both up 🙂

    Which means I’m now 100% caught up, and have everything you’ve released so far! 😀
    (even the “One-Chance” series, which I got a second chance to get, thanks to the pandemic )

      • You mean across the whole site? Hmm, not sure I can narrow it down to a top ten…

        My favourite and most re-watched is “Tough Justice II”, with Spectrum and Infinity Girl. There’s a nice variety of things I love in there, a bit of mind control, and lots of humour, as well as a humiliating 2 heroines vs 1 villain fight (my favourite kind)…. and to top it off, it’s just so much fun.

        But I think “Bluebird 2020” (the entire four parts) stands out as something really special, and an impressive achievement. Watched in it’s entirety, it’s like an NGC feature film. With performances, plot and action to match.

        There are lots more I could say, and make too long of a list (again) but those have been my go-to picks for a while.

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