Galaxia v Sin – 151 Photo Set

To accompany this week’s video we have a 151 Photo Set of Galaxia v Sin, a lot of Galaxia solo shots to celebrate her debut, followed by some action between her and Sin. If you want this set you need to open the Members email TOMORROW!


  • I really hope theres a KO or two like this in the actual vid, as none of the preview pics so far have shown any and that would be a bummer if theres not.

    • I was just seeing this and got really excited to see a cross-eyed silly ko (incredibly rare here) and then saw the trailer and realized this was a just a photo set. Oh man…

  • Whether he is in the character of Sin or in other parts of this attractive and beautiful website, in the times when 2 vs 1 is placed and fights, the performance and deceptive show is strong with his salt and cleverness, it is enough to see the movements. or various surprising and combined techniques and especially beautiful long submissions. I don’t know why we see him reminding us of the not so old Pro Wrestler, for example, in NXT UK or even NXT?! So please if you know his name on social media or even on Instagram please introduce me I really want to follow him please.

    • Hello, I think there is a bit of a loss in translation here. I’m not sure which ‘him’ you are referring to, or what you mean when you talk about ‘salt’. We don’t give out instagram details or names for our actors/actresses anymore because a small number of people behaved weirdly. We gain nothing from doing it and actually lose in a couple of cases.

        • Yeah, I thought that’s who you meant, you just kept saying he/his/him, which in English means a man, so I was trying to find a man you were referring to.

  • Gotta say those slick black boots are the perfect match for this costume. Seeing them for the first time in the Marvelette costume I thought they were a clear upgrade over the previous ones that one had! Love them being actually tighter to the actress keg than some of the old ones you had (like the first boots Erica had back in the day)

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