Gloves & Gauntlets – 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Gloves & Gauntlets’ sees the Anvil hit back against the Guardian Angels after being attacked in his safe house by Shining Spirit. Now he’s returning the favour to Lightstalker who is working out when ambushed. What follows is one almighty scrap that the fight lovers of our community will absolutely love!


  • I’m thinking that despite the ponytail being utilitarian and fitting to a superheroine, Lighstalker presence may be improved with a change of hairstyle.

    Reminds me of Magenta who truly clicked with me with her hair down, despite me having loced her first two outings before that. Something felt off and then it was perfect.

    (Totally personal opinion though)

    • I agree. I hate when girls with long hair fight with ponytails or any kind of hairstyle that prevents their long hair to fly about from ghe whiplash of being punched in the face. Beautiful women in Fem Fight videos should always have their hair loose and down, never constrained in ponytails or braids or whatever.

    • I get what you mean, Magenta just looked more credible when she changed her hairstyle (which fit the character direction she took at the end). Though I’ll disagree with you on the other point and say the ponytail makes Lightstalker look like more of a badass, I think it’s a good look.

      • I agree with CEEJ. Lightstalker looks badass with the ponytail, and I think it fits with her character as it is at the moment.
        Maybe if she loosens up a bit when out of the Mayor’s shadow (if the story goes that way), a looser hairstyle will fit. But right now, the style fits her no-nonsense portrayal.

        (I also really loved Starshot with her hair up/ in a ponytail too)

    • I think the way it is fits the character better. A non-powered woman in the Guardian Angel’s needs to be tough, but maybe things will change?

      • Yeah it´s utilitarian and military like. That´s why I said it was my personal opinion in the end. But it was fun reading the comments and opinions on it!

        In the end the hairstyle makes sense for this character but as Guido84 said it may be interesting to see some changes in her looks be either costume or hairstyle if she leaves the Guardian Angels or rebels against them from the inside. If anything Miss Freedom taught us heroines can change her outfit and do it successfully, even more than once! (which speaks volumes of the great job those in charge of the NGC wardrobe do)

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