Gloves & Gauntlets – Final Previews

Already released for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… The Anvil wants revenge on the Guardian Angel’s for Shining Spirit ambushing him in his home. He decides to take his fury out on Lightstalker, the fact she has left the Guardian’s is of little interest, only satisfying his fury will do! What follows is an amazing battle where fight skills and tech powers are pushed to the limit. Who will be the winner?



  • This was exactly as promised! I think it’s the costume, but Lightstalker feels like she should be in Mortal Kombat or something.

  • Jobson+Silva says:

    Just watched !! EXCELLENT ! One of the best Male vs. Female battles I’ve ever saw! Anvil is menacing as always and Lightstalker continues to amaze me , her stamina and quick response are no less than impressive! Congrats!

  • Great video, with excellent performances from both Lighstalker and Anvil. The action was amazing. Fast-paced, with lots of variety.

  • Pretty much non-stop fighting from start to finish. I like Lightstalker’s ‘light flashing’ punches. It was good to see Anvil surprising someone else in their hideout (the opposite of what normally happens to him ) 🙂

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