Haywire Origins: Final Previews

Out ALREADY for Members, Sunday for everyone else on this website… Galaxia battles not only to save herself, but all other Elite Force young recruits AND the wider world from Dr Progress’ Haywire Machine. This nanotechnology is powerful enough to exert control over her powers, even allowing the Doctor to use them against her. His defeat must be achieved, but can she do it? And if not, what are his plans for her?


  • This is awesome. The pic set is amazing. Are the first few pics because of the gas, or is it that Galaxia’s radiance shines so much, it had to be dimmed down a little.
    I loved the video. I liked both endings, but the original ending the best. Good to see Galaxia prevail and kick some butt! Even without her powers, she still wins, because she’s just that good!
    Galaxia is definitely the best and the most sexiest of Elite Force.
    I’ll be watching this over and over.
    Thanks NGC.!

  • Excellent video, with sensational performances from both leads 🙂
    The action was fast-paced and intense, with plenty of back-and-forth. Doctor Progress’s nanotechnology, particularly the way it interacted with Galaxia’s powers, made for some very cool and unique moments in the video.

    Gorgeous accompanying photo-set too.

  • clutchking says:

    Great video, and kind of scary considering the potential implications of Dr. Progress’ plot 😮

    Doc and Galaxia actors were in top form here! Galaxia has a real knack for the dialogue, she’s so convincing and heroic and also likeable, it’s quite the combination. Loved the dynamic between her and the villain in this episode.

    The methods that Dr. Progress chose to torment Galaxia this episode were just wicked, from twisting her powers to prolong her suffering to a couple of painful holds he put her in. Love the crunching and squeezing sounds that were used here. Ouchie!

    The endings are wildly different, but both are excellent in their own way.

    Top compliments to all involved

  • The Galaxia actress is great at acting and fighting. Dr Progress is the ultimate party animal. Lots of good fight scenes and displays of how Galaxia’s power should and shouldn’t be used. Overall a great vid ! 🙂

  • Excellent vid. Great combat sequences, and her eyeroll from the gassing was worth the price of admission. clever Alt Ending.

  • It’s all been said…excellent video with tremendous action, excellent dialogue, and brilliant camerawork. Both the actor and actress were stupendous, and Galaxia is the epitome of gorgeous sexiness. Another exceptional NGC production!

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