Haywire Origins: Trailer

Out on FRIDAY for Members, Sunday on this website… ‘Haywire Origins’ follows Galaxia as she falls into Dr Progress’ trap for her. Unwittingly, she is now a Guinea Pig for his ‘Haywire Machine’ a nanotechnology monstrosity that allows the Doctor to control her amazing powers. Worse still, he reveals that if she can’t defeat him, he’ll soon control ALL Elite Force recruits!


  • Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Galaxia is amazing and I can’t to wait to see her kick some major, or doctor, in this case, butt.
    Will definitely be checking my email every millisecond Friday waiting to get this.
    NGA Elite Force is awesome.

  • Really still find it hard to believe that costume made it into a mainline NGC heroine rather than action cosplay.

    Looking forward to some championship match with it as well where maybe we can see how those socks under the boots look!

    • Anyone who bought the photo-set with Shining Spirit in the Galaxia costume already knows that, because she wore them OVER her boots , rather than under them like Galaxia does

      • Well I gotta take a look at that! Thanks for the heads up!

        I stopped buying photosets last year but lately I feel like dipping my toes in them again!

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