HUGE FLASH SALE! – Better Than Half-Price!

To celebrate our 14th Birthday, we are doing a ‘Better Than Half-Price’ sale on ANY video on this website that is older than a year. That takes you from Season 1 Episode 1, all the way up to ‘The Coming Storm‘. Hundreds of videos! However, once we have sold 7 copies of each one, the price for that video will go back to normal, so DO NOT wait around on this, because the videos you want could be back to full price in just a couple of hours. The whole sale won’t last long either, so make sure to grab everything. The clock is ticking.


  • Happy 14th Birthday NGC!!! 🙂

    I made a checklist, and there was only 15 videos (and 2 samplers) that I was missing from the main site., so I swooped in super early to complete my set.

    Now all I’m missing is 12 Championship videos, and 2 UPL videos, then I’ll have everything!

    • Your support is very much appreciated. If everyone in the world were like you, I’d be able to control the planet. Just imagine how good the videos would be then!

  • Happy anniversary! The universe is great to be part of. The industry of heroines is overflowing with mediocre x-rated content. You stand out with great actresses and actors with respect and way better stories. Here and there a cheeky tying up to give a sensual touch. (The danger Room for the win)
    I think that you are the last site that does this.
    Thank you for the sale. I’m almost complete with the movies. And to celebrate I even bought Virtue content (I hate that outfit).
    Please keep going as long as you can. Because you are much needed in a swimming pool of filth in this genre.

  • Damn I still remember getting hooked by Season 1 Ep 2 with Angel and then Magenta and Athena in the fantastic training room videos!

    What a long way you have come! Congrats on another milestone!

    • And I got to finish My Deceptress collection! Should make an excel sheet of the videos I own since browsing my folders and emails took me some time! ^^

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