Imposter – 1st Previews

Coming this FRIDAY to – ‘Imposter’ sees the Enforcer continuing her bitter vendetta against the Federation. She lures a new girl, the replacement for Marvelette, into her trap, where the Heroine Crusher is waiting! If the Federation thinks it can simply cover up the original Marvelette’s corruption and pretend it never happened, they’ve got another thing coming!


    • Retired. She picked up a bad shoulder injury a while ago. She tried one more shoot after but it was too painful for her. A great girl who is bound to be successful in her next chapter.

      • Dratz ! Thanks for letting us know ! Thanks to her for her great vids over the years & all the best with her recovery and future projects !

      • This makes me unbelievably sad, but I am grateful for the time she spent with us. She is truly an amazing actress. I would also wish her a full recovery and the absolute best in her future endeavors.

      • Sorry to hear that, amazing performer. Glad that she’s doing what’s best for her and as you said, sure to shine in whatever else she plans to do. Forever a superheroine legend!

        Awesome work finding a new star to fill the Marvelette boots (and gloves and leotard and mask…)

        Looking forward to this one. Thanks for your hard work as always!

      • Really sorry to see her depart. A stunning girl and a stunning actress, nobody sells a punch or fight as well. Please pass on our thanks and wishes for the future. An era closes, another one begins!

  • Oh my god. I love how there’s quite a bit of wear from this battle.. the pantyhose taking a toll for real.

    Just curious, this looks like the old brand of pantyhose is back?

  • Really sad to hear about the injury from the original Marvelette actress. I never paid attention to her as Candy Race but she totally stole the show as Marvellette and became a fan favourite for me, every video was almost an instant purchase.

    I hope she gets well and can have a bright future in whatever she tries next, but at least it seems you got a top notch replacement in the looks department in what looks to be an epic squashing…looking forward to this one!

    • This is very interesting to me, because the only major difference is the costume. If you really enjoyed her Marvelette performances then you’d be sure to enjoy her Candy performance’s too.

      • I’ll admit, when Candy first appeared I wasn’t a huge fan either, and I didn’t love the costume initially, but it wasn’t too long before her performance skills (which I think improved a lot very quickly) and natural charm won me over. Certainly her appearances as Marvelette were otherworldly, but she also had several fantastic Championship entries and a bunch of great NGC videos. She did some of the best pass-outs and her stage fighting was great, which is evident in the UPN series as well.
        Anyway, even though her first couple of appearances didn’t bowl me over, Candy had risen to top-tier status for me even before she started playing Marvelette.
        I can’t wait to see this new girl in the costume. She looks spectacular.

  • That is too bad about Candy. I hope she has a full recovery! Over the last few years, I thought she really grew as an actress in these productions, and she brought a real sense of humor to the proceedings that exuded warmth and charm. The young lady you brought on as a replacement seems like a more than worthy sucessor to her boots and tights!

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