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OUT NOW at – ‘Imposter’ sees a new Marvelette innocently trying to make her name, but instead she falls into Enforcer’s trap and becomes part of her vendetta against the Federation. With the Heroine Crusher added to the mix, it spells disaster for the rookie heroine!

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  • Incoming review (for a video that is a MUST-BUY)



    As someone who considers the original Marvelette actress to be the best superheroine on the Assert Films roster, I can say with confidence that she doesn’t have to worry about the legacy of the character because the new Marvelette (respectfully referred to as simply Marvelette going forward) has hit the ground running with this video.

    There’s a great premise to work with here for all the actors involved and they absolutely make the most of it, drawing you in with the plot and dialogue before delivering on the action in a big way. I could be completely wrong, but my guess is Marvelette is well-versed in theatre combat and stunt work because she nails these action scenes. There’s a physicality that you can’t fake, especially in a superheroine role like these, and she’s just a pleasure to watch. And not just because she is an absolute stunner.

    Some standouts here include an amazing scene where she struggles in a nasty hold with one villain cruelly clutching her chin (it’s such a simple move and they make it look like the most perilous situation imaginable) and another where Marvelette delivers two very different versions of a speech to great effect. There’s also a great shot of just her legs as she suffers some brutal blows, it’s kind of chilling.

    The final shot is this really sinister bit of humiliation, something that isn’t overtly evil, but really drives home what a horrible predicament our heroine is left in. Really, this video just flew by, it’s fantastic.

    Marvelette’s latest adventure absolutely lives up to the hype and I can’t wait to see more of her going forward.

    • Saw your comment after posting mine, and I agree completely. I had the same thought about the fight scenes–I’d be shocked if this actress doesn’t have a lot of stage combat experience. Truly great video and extremely promising debut.

  • Wow, this is an incredible video! I love that the Marvelette saga continues, and the actress playing the new Marvelette is spectacular. Her fighting is really excellent and her acting is good to great, depending on the particular aspect. Fortunately (for me) she’s very good at the swooning weakness of the distressed heroine. I definitely hope she’ll be around awhile, maybe even graduate to the NGC story.
    The Enforcer is a wonderful new addition to the rogues’ gallery as well. And the photoset? Wow.

  • Incredible! She’s an instant hit (and I can see I’m not the only one who thought so). Both acting and action were top notch. She’s just a natural, and I look forward to seeing her many many many more times to come.

  • It’s a shame to hear about what happened to the previous actress.
    The new Marvellte is absolutely gorgeous. I’m sure nobody will take this as a criticism but I’m still waiting for the wardrobe department to fashion a sexy outfit for the woman playing ‘The Enforcer’.

    • I’d love to see that too.
      She’s appeared in a lot of releases recently, and I always love her performance, but I agree the costume could use a little extra pizzazz.
      (though I do really like the “pirate-with-bionic-eye” look she has in NGC)

      • I’d also love to see the Enforcer get a more thematic costume. Her current outfit suits her “disgruntled former Federation asset” identity (although it’s suspiciously similar to what the character of the same name played by the same actress wore in the UPL–is this a hint that the UPL and Action Cosplay are set in the same world?). But as her plans take shape, which appears to be the case here, it stands to reason that she would upgrade her look. Requiem has a stylish and appealing ensemble and I hope the Enforcer is here long enough to merit the same.

  • I think the Enforcer actress is pretty good. She has a way of not being too arrogant but confident that she has outsmarted the superheroine 🙂

  • Just bought and watched this video.
    The new Marvelette was an instant hit for me. She is great! She is also a stunner (with and without the mask).
    She is a great find. I think she already made the role her own.
    I loved her physicality and fight acting in this video so much it is a pity the character didn’t got hit with more facepunches, because she sold them perfectly.
    It is my opinion that in fight the heroines should always get hit with far more punches than the villains/villainesses, even if they win the fight, but more so if they lose, and i love to see a heroine lose a fight, badly.
    I can’t say this enough, the new Marvelette is an instant hit, she hit the ball out of the park as the americans say. What a great find.
    Can’t wait to see more of her in the future. And hopefully in a fight where she gets it even worse.
    Great job, guys. My compliments to the Action Cosplay team and the the new Marvelette actress.

  • I was on holidays so had no time to watch this until yesterday.

    This was ramping up to being a top 3-5 video for me, but I felt the fight was cut short with that injection when the heroine still seemed to have some fight in her and the pummeling seemed to be reaching a higher climax. I even enjoyed this not being totally one sided, the new actress can really sell combat well!

    But the aspect I enjoyed more are her vocalizations and that she actually struggles when being on the receiving ends of chokes or holds. Most heroines just grab their throats and gasp for air but she lashes out at the attacker and sound both angry and in pain, really good for a newcomer actress!!
    Still probably a top 20 vid for me, and considering you vast library and this being a new actress I see great things in her future and the Marvelette mantle being in safe hands!

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