Interview With A Dominator – TRAILER

Out on FRIDAY for Members… Sunday on this website: ‘Interview With A Dominator’ is part of our much loved TRANSFORM series, where Majesty goes undercover as a journalist to interview one of the wickedest villainesses in NGC history. What could go wrong? Everything.


    • Really? I’ve always loved the Majesty costume, and she suits it perfectly.

      But then, I’ve never really been much of a fan of either Deceptress costume, and they’re generally popular, so we all have our tastes

  • Majesty taking a beating from Dominator is fantastic. I jut think it would had been a bit better if th entire fight had been a total one-sided beating on Majesty, that’s all. That said, i’ll buy this one.

  • I loved seeing Majesty defeated in her “civilian attire.” And I love the TRANSFORM series. I hope we get to see her get knocked out a lot this time.

  • Toby Flenderson says:

    Definitely looking like a must buy! I actually like that Majesty got a few good hits in, especially in her civilian costume. I feel like thatโ€™s pretty rare – most of the time the civilian heroine just gets pummeled (with the exception of Wonderstrike in that black outfit).

      • Agree, especially in civilian form itโ€™s always a pleasure. Great job with these transform episodes! Always so good just wish the battles would be more one sided with the heroine struggling to transform. Keep โ€˜em coming and huge fan of majesty!

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