Introducing: ‘The Fail-Safe Sisters’

NGC Productions is proud to present it’s new series – ‘The Fail-Safe Sisters’

The action takes place apart from ‘Next Global Crisis’ and is set in a world where a bloody war has just ended, and it looks as though the bad guys won. The Fail-Safe Sisters, five super-powered women who acted as Generals in the defeated army are captives within the walls of the victors capital city – Lockdown City. They now roam this hostile environment trying to survive, while every week on prime-time TV one of them is pitted against a different Gladiator from Lockdown City. Their aim is not merely to defeat the Fail-Safe Sisters in combat, but to slowly wear down their resistance and break their will, something that will give them the ultimate victory.

As with ‘Next Global Crisis’ this production will expand over time, bringing in all of the Fail-Safe Sisters and developing their individual stories as they struggle to cope both physically and mentally against the incredible might of their captors and their Gladiators. Will they ever find a way out of Lockdown City? Or will they turn into submissive wrecks before this evil regime and it’s callous people? Find out June 1st (But only if you CLICK HERE and join our FREE MEMBERSHIP).


  • Hmm interesting concept. Although Im concerned this limits the storytelling possibilities, if each episode is a “match” on this reality show. Will this be getting its own separate site, or just a new tab on this one?

    • It will be on this site for the time being. The story-telling possibilities are endless but there won’t be masses of it at this early stage as it will need to gain it’s own traction first.

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