Iron Invincibility – 1st Previews

Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website… The Iron Drone, powered by the Ex-Mayor of Lockdown City, teams up with Nemesis in a truly gruesome twosome for their victim; The Deceptress. Erica is sure her powers will be enough to take this dark duo down, but she may be wrong about that.


  • Even though i feel debooting works better with Leotards rather than catsuits, some costume removal/destruction is always nice to see. This looks brutal and reminds me of some of my favourite videos from you, like S3 Side mission 3, so i’m hyped. Hope the belt or cape goes away at some point too!

    • @Maf Well the key difference between S3 SM3 and this one, is that in that one she was double-teaming the villain, in this one she gets double-teamed!

  • I also like the costume destruction/removal very much.
    I can’t wait for Friday! I’ll wait in from of the screen for the mail 😀
    That’s definitely an instant buy – like every episode with Erica.
    I hope we’ll see her split ability again in another upcoming episode 🙂

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