Iron Rampage – 1st Previews

This weekend sees the return of Captain Liberty to action as she tries to avert an attack on Elite Force HQ by the Iron Drone, powered of course by the deranged Ex-Mayor Killscape! The Captain is very strong, but if she under-estimates the twisted genius of the Ex-Mayor then she’ll be in deep trouble! Out on Friday for Members, Sunday on this website…


  • Yay! More Captain Liberty! I really loved her in the championship match against Anvil.
    The timing couldn’t be better for this, because I’d literally just decided that the ‘Limitations’ two parter was going to be the next on my buy list… so now knowing THIS is coming, I’ve got even more incentive to get them

  • Is there any chloro in this one or does Captain Liberty pass out from a lack of oxygen because the ex-Mayor has his glove on her face/nose ? Trying to figure out the 7th picture. BTW, the toy double-decker bus looks kool. Thanks !

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