Lady X & Shining Spirit – 208 Photo Set

We’ve gone GIGANTIC! I don’t think we’ve ever put out a 200+ photo set alongside a release (someone may remember better than I do). Usually only Photo Set Tuesday sets break 200 but this one is huge. Lot’s of Lady X solo, plenty of Lady X and Shining Spirit together, and then a big fight with Lord Nemesis that goes badly wrong. Only Members will get access to this set in TOMORROW’s Member email, you need to join today if you want this set. Don’t miss out.



  • Excellent! Perfect opportunity for a huge photo set with these two heroines 🙂

    To the best of my knowledge, the next biggest video-accompanied photo-sets were:
    Lady X vs Sin – 189 photos
    Captain Liberty in Perfect Practice p.2 – 175 photos
    Shining Spirit in Villain Hunting – 170 photos
    Alias in Secret Destroyer – 169 photos

    (coincidentally, four of my favourite heroines right now)

    So Lady X and Shining Spirit seem to have a knack for starring in large sets… which I certainly approve of 😀

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