Majesty v Powerstar Art!

Some lovely new artwork from Kostmeyer, who seems to really be on a roll at the moment! This time, a bit of a ‘what if?’ scenario – Majesty fighting Powerstar. This is 2009 versus 2022 where both are in their prime. It looks like Powerstar is getting the better of it so far! You can see more of Kostmeyer’s works HERE.


  • Does anyone have any good ideas for other impossible fights between characters who never got the chance to meet?

      • I always assumed they met but I think you’re right – Angel had already broken with Elite Force by the time Deceptress first appeared and I don’t think they ever crossed paths! Good choice!

        • Any content starring Deceptress is a blessing, amd hey you could even have a silver catsuit face-off with Angel’s original trainee suit!

      • I never watched the Lucy Zillion films – put off by the outfits to be honest! But might be worth investigating! Battle of the boob windows, eh?

    • My fantasy matchup would be Lady Atom vs Spectrum, i.e. artificially enhanced supernova vs the legendary champion (and self-proclaimed mightiest heroine).

      Based on the statistics, I fancy Lady Atom to be the more all-rounded fighter; imagine the shock on Spectrum’s face when she realises her beta status as Lady Atom wins by submission…

      • Yes I wish Lady Atom had stuck around a bit longer (assuming that she is actually gone) – and I don’t need much encouragement to draw Spectrum again! I always thought her reputation was trashed in the Championship though – always a gimmick to take her powers away – and that brought her reputation down in the main story – we never saw her at her best!

        • Spectrum certainly looks stronger than the W-L records suggest.

          But then having watched her arrogantly talk down to Wonderstrike, Deceptress and Majesty, and disrespected Sister Fate, the Dominator and Nemesis. I struggled to not rejoice in witnessing her getting knocked out or outright submitting to her opponents.

          Nevertheless, the lightsider will always have that resounding victory against Celestia.

          • I wouldn’t take Win-Loss records in the Championship to heart too much. These records are only based on democratic votes. Fights where the characters fought a male, or tag matches, or handicap matches don’t get counted in the record, only ‘equal’ fights against another female opponent. If the record is bad, it’s because the public demanded it.

    • Carmen Black III vs Bluebird (or Celestia). One hit wonder Carmen Black III is the one that arrived lost a fail safe sister match and went away as fast as she came. Still curious what she would have become.

      • That’s an interesting suggestion – I missed Carmen Black III completely and her bio on the site is empty – what were her powers?

        • I don’t remember her powers. She was in Fail Safe Sisters 12 which state ” Can her powers save her from Bullettt’s blasts?” So she had powers.
          I need to watch it back but I’m not at my computer with all my NGC movies for the coming week. Maybe NGCrisis can shed a light…

          • I just gave it a quick re-watch. It looked liked her body turned into some kind of metal a couple of times, once to protect her from Bullett’s blast, and the other time so that his punch harmlessly “clanged” off her.
            She didn’t move while in the metal form, but that could have just been to make the vfx easier

          • You’re thinking of Carmen Black IV.
            Carmen Black III was the blonde that goes back to the early days of NGC. Season 1 or 2.
            I think her power was energy blasts, like what the later Wonderstrike could do.
            Otherwise, I think she more of a “Batgirl-ish” / super spy type that mainly had really good fighting skills.

  • Im sorry everyone, but what’s the “scandalous defeat” of Majesty that everyone likes to talk about? Is it the episode where she encounters Malicia?

    • Yes – In story terms it was Majesty’s first defeat – embarrassing her and her family that one of their daughters was not only a heroine but an unsuccessful one! It led to Majesty I retiring from the shame she brought on herself and her family and Majesty II stepping in to redeem the family reputation. I think behind the scenes the ‘retirement’ may have been prompted by a worry that the actress couldn’t return, hence exaggerating the impact of the ‘scandalous defeat’ to explain her absence and casting a new Majesty – but it’s all worked out really well as we now have two! (Although has anyone else noticed that Majesty II is now credited as ‘Princess’ in the characters list? Great new name!)

  • Kostmeyer,
    Is the bust that’s being tipped over supposed to be of Magenta?
    It kinda reminds me of her, a little.


    I was wrong. Just saw the episode and you’re right. Please disregard the response I made to your post about what happened in the Carmen Black III video.
    Sorry about that.

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