Make Backups!

I occasionally update this for those who don’t know. I’m aware this won’t reach everybody but I want it on record in the hope that it eventually becomes known:

Please backup any videos or photo sets you have of ours, we cannot re-send you items you bought years ago anymore. I am of course duty bound to ensure you get a copy of something you just paid for, but once you have it, then it is your responsibility. Thank you.


  • Unless there is some technical problem with the original download, I don’t think NGC or any other producer should be on the hook for backups. Worse case, the person re-buys the videos / photo sets that are still available for purchase 🙂

  • I would never even have assumed the case would be any different.
    I was once fool enough to lose my “Tomorrow’s Villainy Today” file, so I bought it again and learned my lesson.
    It would never have even occurred to me to come begging you for another copy, when it was my own idiot fault for losing it.

  • I learned it the hard way when my computer was stolen….I just re buyed what I lost and of course have copies somewhere else ^^

  • How is one supposed to “rebuy” the photo/videos if they were in a one time limited release? Not a fan of NOT having a catalogue of all the material being available.

    • Sure, but for videos that amounts to the one chance series (which became two-chance due to the pandemic) in nearly 14 years. I’m pretty explicit about it; “This is your only chance to get this” or “This may come back around but not for years”, I think that points people in the direction of maybe taking care of what they bought.

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