Member Gift: Alpha Designation Part 1 UNSEEN

The Member Gift this week is from ‘Alpha Designation – Part 1’ – The first glimpse of a certain heroine who went up against the dangerous villainess ‘Timeless’. We’ve got footage you’ve never seen plus a few extended takes. Make sure to open Friday’s email if you want more details!


  • Oh man, what an incredible debut this was!
    I’d already seen and liked her in the Starshot photo-set, released prior to this, but ohmygod! Seeing her act. Seeing her move. Seeing her fight. Seeing her struggle. Wow! Before the video was half way through, I was already an instant fan. And remain so to this day.

    And what an awesome villainess Timeless was. Another reason this video is special.
    Can’t leave out the other baddie either. He always gives a solid performance.

    Can’t wait to see the extra footage 🙂

  • This is all the more reason to get Chatica vs Power Woman this weekend. I wonder if ther is any chance of a return to the Supremacy Beta role for Lady X. She could have a rivalry battle with Power Woman, or a rematch with Chaotica. Their first meeting, in Beta Villain Bites Back, is my favorite superheroine video. I never get tired of the dialogue between the silly swinging sixties chick style heroine and the disdainfully posh villainess.

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