Member Gift: Bluebird UNSEEN

What an exciting week of action! To go alongside the release of ‘Finding Bluebird’ starring Celestia, it could only be fitting to provide a Bluebird Member Gift. Therefore, we have unseen and extended video from ‘The Last Dance’ where Bluebird locked horns with Alaric for the final time, and one of them got carried away! Make sure to open Friday’s member email if you want this special video. After 48 hours from the email going out, it will be gone.


  • Honestly I was never big into Bluebird…but as time goes by the more I realize how lucky we were of having such an amazing (and good looking) actress for so many years…I just didn’t buy most of her videos back in the day but now totally love her fighting skills!

    • She was brilliant for us. It has proved almost impossible to find people that good. I’m very grateful we’ve done as much with her as we have.

    • I’m quite the opposite. All the models / actresses are gorgeous but there was definitely something about ‘Bluebird’, and I picked up on that back in the ‘Training Room’ days.

      • Agreed, Chris. I’ve always loved Bluebird. When I first took a look round the NGC site (it was only last year…I’m still a newbie compared to most of you) the first thing I did was get the free ‘Enter Bluebird’ video. I was blown away! It was largely thanks to her performance that I stuck around and actually bought some stuff 😆

        And her performance in Bluebird 2020 is just off the charts!

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