Member Gift: Bluebird

The member gift to go alongside ‘Deceptress v Requiem’ from is a bit different to normal. For fun we attempted to cut together a fully alternate ‘Broken Wings’ video, where we used different takes entirely to see if we could basically make an entirely alternate version of it. It turned out not to be possible, most of the dialogue parts needed takes that were used in the original films, but the fight sections were 80-90% new. However, we shelved the idea. This week though I’m giving you the first couple of minutes of the rough edit, long chats removed, until just as the fight starts. It should be interesting to many, still some lovely shots in there.

ALSO… Next weekend sees a new Bluebird video. I have made the teaser for this available to download, something I don’t normally do. Make sure to get ‘Deceptress v Requiem’ within 48 hours of release on Friday to get all this Bluebird stuff as well!


    • Because I’m not going to create a really massive member gift in one go. I don’t know if I will, probably not as it still shares too much of the original footage to make sense.

  • ‘Broken Wings’ was the start of my journey with you so I’m psyched to the max about this, and the teaser!

  • I was going to buy this one anyway, in anticipation of seeing the lovely Erica / Deceptress helplessly taking an absolute beating & a humiliating defeat, but with these Bluebird themed extras……
    I’m gonna pull a line from ‘Django unchained’ (which was top drawer, until the shootout at Candyland)
    “You had my curiosity, now you have my attention”

  • Bluebird members gift plus teaser of a new release next week!?!?!? I definitely need to go have a cold shower, and you definitely need to take my money now!!!

  • AlyAdmirer says:

    The teaser… that first shot, following the recap… dear sweet dark goddess of all that is unholy, wow! This week’s purchase is worth it for that alone, even before getting to the Erica goodness.

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