Member Gift: Captain Liberty UNSEEN

Your Member Gift this week is UNSEEN video from ‘Perfect Practice – Part 1’ where The Duke helped Ignus Labs create a better avatar of Captain Liberty for villain training. A very fun video and lot’s of action in the Member Gift that you will enjoy IF you open Friday’s Solaris Member email! Not a Member? Sign up for FREE at the bottom of this page!



  • I remember enjoying this video greatly, and secretly hoping it would become an ongoing VTV series like the Danger Room or Heroine Collecting. Looking forward to the unseen footage!

  • Such a fun video 😀
    And nice to see the leggings version of the costume briefly make a return (I’m a fan of both)

  • Always great to see Cap Liberty in those pants/tights! Love the silver in them and honestly it gives the character a more unique look!

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