Member Gift: Captain Liberty UNSEEN

This week’s Member Gift is UNSEEN and extended video from ‘Special Measures’ where Captain Liberty attempted to take down Alaric, and failed. Ending up chained and helpless. Some lovely extra shots here you’ll really enjoy. If you want this, make sure you are signed up for Membership BEFORE Friday when the Members email goes out for the ‘Danger Room Duo’ release. Full details will be in that email.


  • Awesome! 🙂
    Captain Liberty’s performance in this one blew me away when I first saw it.
    Then it was followed in quick succession by “The Announcement” and “Private Destruction” and she left me no other options than to take my top spot. What a sensational run of videos!

  • Honestly she rocks those pants so much! Love that they are silver and red mostly too! I may be in a minority but really like this as well as her skirt costume. Honestly she rocks everything she wears (including the Inifinity Girl costume)

    • You and I often seem to disagree on costumes, but in this case I fully agree.
      The skirt version is awesome, but I’ve always loved the pants version of the costume too. This members gift reminded me how good it looked, then I went and re-watched the full video (and a few other Cap vids too 😀 )
      The silver part is especially eye-catching.

      • Indeed! It’s quite unique among the NGC cast of characters, so I value that a lot. And don’t worry about disagreeing on costume taste! Honestly when I say I prefer or like one over the other, it’s usually a matter of 10 or 9 points vs an 8. Really I have never “hated” any costumes in NGC history, that’s a testament to what the costume department has done over the years.

        And in cases like Athena’s first costume in her debut story vid, which was maybe bland, they later knocked it out of the park with the “Golden Goddess” attire in her training room return.

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