Member Gift: Catherine Marks

Boy oh Boy we’re spoiling members this week. Not only the return of Celestia, the continued appearances of the fantastic Starshot, but also over 3 minutes of UNSEEN footage from the time Catherine Marks took on the Masked Man! What a time to be alive. Remember, you can only get this gift if you purchase ‘Bid for Capture’ starring Celestia and Starshot within 48 hours of receiving the members email this Friday.


  • The above may sound a bit facetious, but it’s 100% truth. This week’s release is an embarrassment of riches. Catherine Marks was a real highlight of Season 2 and it’s a shame she didn’t do more with NGC. Kind of like Steel Sister or Infinity Girl, some actresses/characters have loads of potential they don’t get a chance to fulfill.

  • I absolutely loved Catherine Marks – it would be great if she came out of retirement to help Elite Force out of their current problems (although, as an ordinary human, I suspect she’d be of little interest to the Crown Prince and co!) Would happily draw a Catherine Marks comic if there were stories still to tell!

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