Member Gift: Celestia the Jobber UNSEEN

This week’s Member Gift is from the Championship classic ‘Celestia the Jobber’ where the Announcer got a terrifying revenge on Celestia for her snark, as he turned her into a jobber and KO’d and pinned her over, and over, and over again! The gift is longer than usual, you’ll really enjoy it, but you’ll have to get your copy of ‘Wonderstrike v Vicious Vicky’ within 48 hours of the Members email getting sent out, or it’ll be deleted!


  • Terrific, this is a great video, I’m sure the extras will be fire. Talking about “raising the stakes” in videos, this one and Celestia’s “Rock and a Hard Place” Champ videos are excellent examples of ring battles where the outcomes for the heroine are framed in a way that’s impactful and memorable. It helps that Celestia is such a strong actor, but both of those have some imaginative elements that make them favorites of mine.

  • One of the all time great NGC films. The photo set was great too!
    I think this was slightly better than ‘Rock and a Hard Place’.
    Keep making them like this and I’m buying all day long!

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