Member Gift: Celestia UNSEEN

This weeks member gift is from 2012’s ‘Justice or Revenge’ starring Suki Deluxe and Celestia, these clips are Celestia only as she battles Sebastian Luner, mostly after Suki’s expanding radiation has caused her to be weakened! This footage is unseen and any Celestia fan will love it! Released alongside ‘Pleasing The Prince’ it will be removed on Sunday.


  • NGC – speaking of Celestia, she was featured in your first “members only” video which I believe also introduced the character of Alaric.
    Would it be possible to re-release that one, for those of us who would like to have it but didn’t get it the first time around?
    …in fact, maybe you could make a package of all those old “Members only” videos that you used to do.
    That would be grand. =)

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