Member Gift: Christmas Future!

This weeks Member Gift is a glimpse into the future and some of the videos we have in store for early 2021, before we run out due to the pandemic! There is still much to come that we hope you will enjoy, and with any luck we can start filming again before we run out and it’ll be as if the whole thing was a bad dream! This is a video gift by the way. Merry Christmas!


  • Erica in her original costume? You certainly know how to make great christmas gifts!! Amd honestly all the previews look fantastic!

  • All of these 6 videos look good but i think I can tell that the celestia video might be another danger room video which would be awesome cause i loved the last 3 and i hope u guys do one for every heroine that is still there, that the miss freedom must also be another danger room video cause its that room that is giving me danger room vibes, Wonderstrike in her new attire, Candy Race also in that new attire, Erica Lynn in her vintage attire and a brawl between Comet Girl and Sister Fate which looks nice. Cant wait for 2021 and hope u guys start filming soon

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