Member Gift: Deceptress Auction UNSEEN

This week’s Member Gift, to go alongside ‘Villain Hunting’ starring Shining Spirit, is UNSEEN video from ‘Heroine Auction’, where Violetta captured the Deceptress and controlled her body in order to sell her on the superheroine trading network. Pretty grim stuff for Erica. Anyway, you can get this if you open Friday’s email! Not a member? Well, it’s FREE to join, you get access to around 100 new photo sets a year that normal people don’t, you get Member Gift videos like this one most weeks, and you get new releases early and at discount prices. Pretty good all things considered. You can sign up all over this site or at the end of any trailer.


  • You didn´t need to sweeten this week´s deal so much!! Not only is her catsuit version there, but also debooting done right with the leotard version (I just hate debooted/bare feet catsuits ^^)
    Gonna rewatch this one right now!

  • Looking at that first pic…damn I can’t understand people say she looks better with the second costume…and what’s more she exquisitely fills every inch of that silver catsuit, and has become more muscular over the years! Truly an amazing performer, she is missed!

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