Member Gift: Infinity Girl

This weeks Member Gift is several out-takes from 2017’s ‘Tomorrow’s Villainy Today’ starring the fantastic Infinity Girl. Make sure to get ‘A Dark & Deadly Future’ within 48 hours of the member email arriving or you’ll miss out on this!


  • There was no question I’d buy a new Celestia video (excited for the start of the new “Transform” series as well), but I’d probably get it just for this extra. Infinity Girl!

    I think this was the first Villain Network video as well, which is a great reminder that NGC can hit a series premiere out of the park.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Ahh yes. The first Villains Network. I had my misgivings initially but it’s turned into a fun mini series that compliments the NGC world well. I especially like the more humorous side some of them have taken on and I’m looking forward to seeing more in the future

  • “Tomorrow’s Villainy Today”? Not ringing a bell. Is there a description link anywhere? So I can see if I have it under a different name. (And if not, buy it.)

    For that matter, is there an official VTV site? I didn’t see it when I googled it (albeit briefly).

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