Member Gift: Infinity Girl UNSEEN

This week’s Member Gift, to go alongside ‘Villain’s Accomplice: Part 2’ starring Wonderstrike is UNSEEN Infinity Girl from ‘Infinite Possibility’ where she took on Katia and Xatir from Season 4. Infinity Girl wasn’t with us long sadly, and is much missed, so I’ve no doubt that many will want to get this. Open your emails on Friday for full info.


    • AndrewAdmin says:

      Hi Jeremy, I’ve looked at the system and your email was archived by the system because you weren’t opening emails. The system removes inactive emails so that it isn’t filling inboxes that are no longer checked or sending to people who don’t really want the emails but haven’t unsubscribed. You can be put back on the active system, but it will archive you if you don’t open emails.

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