Member Gift: Majesty’s UNSEEN

This week’s Member Gift is from the much loved ‘Families That Kill Together – Part 1‘ which brought together two sisters in the Majesty role, and all the angst between them as they fought a seemingly invincible Darkheart. As all this UNSEEN video is from Part 1, it is primarily the younger Majesty who would become Princess in this video, as her sister showed up 75% of the way through the video. Lovely stuff you’ve not seen before though, so make sure to open FRIDAY’s Member email! Not a Member? Sign up today on this site. It is FREE, and you get access to weekly Member Gift videos, Photo Sets, Photo Set Tuesday’s, customs when open, as well as discounts on new releases AND you get them 48 hours before the normies. Not bad!


  • Excellent!!! This was an awesome two-parter.
    Obviously, the return of Majesty was the big news at the time. I still remember when the trailer dropped. I almost fell out of my chair!

    In retrospect, I’m really glad that 75% of part 1 was devoted to Princess. With the exception of her introductory championship match, this is the closest she got to another solo video, and she’s sensational in it.

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