Member Gift: Marvelette – Raising The Bar Part 1

This week’s Member Gift – To go alongside ‘Alpha Designation – Part 2’, is some more Marvelette goodness from ‘Raising The Bar – Part 1’. UNSEEN and EXTENDED takes in each case that you’re bound to enjoy as the blonde heroine struggles against Nemesis! Make sure to open Friday’s Member email for full details.


  • Awesome!
    This is the first time a member gift is for a video that I got on the day of release (Villain’s Accomplice p.1 was the first video I got on release day, and Raising the Bar was the week after, if I recall… and I haven’t missed a video since)
    So this one will definitely be a nice gift for me 🙂

  • Fate is a cruel one, thinking the last we will see of this amazing actress in that costume will be in members gifts kinda makes me sad, even if her replacement has been amazing!

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