Member Gift: Metro-Girl UNSEEN

This week’s Member Gift is UNSEEN and EXTENDED video from ‘New Power Generation’ starring Metro-Girl. Some great action in this one using angles not present in the video. If you like Metro-Girl, you’ll love this. If you want it, make sure you open Friday’s email!


    • Yes! I’m not a person who usually loves seeing a heroine’s costume damaged, but I’ll make an exception for this actress. Her original Wonderstrike costume also had a sleeve ripped off (by Alaric in “A Game of Two Halves”) and she’s gone sleeveless ever since, improving her look tremendously (IMO). I was hoping MG’s outfit would be similarly modified after this episode, but in her next appearance it was intact.

      • I think her original sleeveless outfit and the one that replaced it, were left sleeveless due to overwhelming comments from fans on how much they liked the look.
        …power to the people, baby. =)

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