Member Gift: Miss Freedom – Power Within

This Week’s Member Gift takes us waay back to mid Season 2. Episode 7 to be precise and ‘The Power Within’. This important video explained what happened to Miss Freedom after the Season 1 finale, where she derived power from, and what her future looked like. She faced the mighty Katia in this video and we had a lot of fun making it. Here for you we have 2 and a half minutes of unseen or extended takes of action. I’d obviously recommend the full video if you don’t already own it.

If you want this gift, open your email on FRIDAY for full details!


  • I remember she trying to choose her new powers in this episode and finally deciding for an all around boost for a short time like Blitz had….that was another heroine sadly taken too soon by Red Mist (classic villains ruining the fun ^^)

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