Member Gift: Miss Freedom & Sonica UNSEEN

This week’s Member Gift, to accompany the main video release of ‘Alias v Dominator’ at, is UNSEEN video from ‘Tag Team Battle’ where Miss Freedom & Sonica took on the vicious due of Sister Fate and Malicia Divine! There were a lot of great takes to choose from, so this gift is a bit bigger than usual. If you want it, just make sure to open your email and act within 48 hours or it will be gone!


  • Man, I would love to see Sonica return in this costume!! Love all the costumes y’all have, but always been partial to catsuits and bodysuits. Hence why I have every Majesty video ever 😂

  • The actress must have hated it but I loved the sweat since it was a nice touch of realism, same as her hair going progressively messier in her first fight with Commander Curse!

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