Member Gift: Miss Freedom UNSEEN

This week’s Member Gift, to go alongside the ‘Imitation-Girl’ release, is UNSEEN video from the Miss Freedom classic ‘Out Cold’, where Miss Freedom’s plan for revenge against the Dominator spectacularly backfired! This was considered by many to be their all-time favourite Miss Freedom video, which is really saying something as there is a lot of competition. This Member Gift is longer than usual because there was just so much good stuff here. If you want this you’ll need to be a Member in time for Friday’s email going out, I’d sign up now if I were you.


  • Excellent!
    Lots of great stuff in this one, from Dominator being totally un-fooled by Miss Freedom’s disguise, to Miss Freedom, in chains, bringing Dominator a glass of wine. And the awesome fight between.

    Plus Miss Freedom member gifts always equals some good fun

  • Stone cold classic. Dominator quickly knocking out the poorly disguised Miss Freedom and stripping her out of her professional getup is maybe my favorite “Transform” of all time.

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