Member Gift: My Chloroform Hell

This weeks Member Gift to go alongside ‘Monthly Check-Up’ starring Comet Girl, is UNSEEN clips from the classic ‘My Chloroform Hell’ starring Celestia and Erica as they fought each other in the presence of a drone and much chloroform! If you want this gift open your email on Friday!


  • When I watching on 4th photo, I just MUST ask…
    Erica had great new year photoshot, I really enjojed it, especially that part with just Deceptress at the beginning, and then when she was bound and hit on stomach, no mention when she lied unconscious… so perfect… (but that 4-in-one bound item which was used in middle… I dont like it too much, I would prefer some handcuff or rope…but lets never mind that).
    Back to my request – I really love looking at great poses, like in 4th pic – that hands behind her head, ready to take punch… Thats so hot for me! Could you please use such moves more often? There are great in movies, but also for photo shots. Hands behind are great pose too. Also hands above head in submission are great, as well as kneeling to surrender (Metro Girl and Athena both were great!) But it is really rare- could I ask for more of it? Especially for my favourites of course, Erica and Majesty, but all are welcome 😀
    Sorry for long talk, I like it so much… 😉

    • AndrewAdmin says:

      My memory is hazy but I think the reason she was holding her hands above her head were for some kind of free hit she had to give when fighting Celestia. It’s difficult to promise more of such a specific thing because I don’t fully know how much I’ve already done. I can only say that we’ll continue to do it. I’m very pleased you enjoyed the photo set.

  • Yea, she was cheating, and she had to be punished. That was nice theme, I watched their fight few times, (although I dont like chloro, still I very like this video) – you had really good idea on story

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