Member Gift: Secret Defeat

This week’s Member Gift is from ‘Secret Defeat – Part 1’ starring Miss Freedom, at a time when harrowing defeats were uncommon for her. Lot’s of fun stuff in this one as we see the greatest heroine losing the plot! This is available to Members for 48 hours from the email going out on Friday.


  • Sweeeeeet! Secret Defeat is one of my favourites, and there looks to be quite a bit of fun going on in some of those shots 😀

  • Excellent! Secret Defeat was an early classic in the Miss Freedom collection, and is still one of her best performances (IMO). Looking forward to some BTS shenanigans, and Miss Suppression/Pandora Gold are a hard-to-beat duo. Ms. Gold made a comeback recently against Comet Girl, is there any chance of seeing her again?

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