Member Gift: Sonica v Malicia UNSEEN

This week’s Member Gift, to go alongside ‘Shining Spirit v Wonderstrike’ is a 2019 punch-up between Sonica and Malicia Divine! You get to see parts of this battle you’ve never seen before! Make sure to open Friday’s email if you want this.


      • It is usually at least 2 minutes. If I say ‘longer than usual’ when describing it, then it’ll be more like 3 minutes. We’ve had a couple at 4 minutes plus but that is very rare and I would say something.

    • Yeah that actress and costume were an instant hit for me, like few times before.

      The sweat marks she got while fighting Commander Curse were a nice if unintended realism bonus

  • Gotta say that combo of actress and blue catsuit was instant raw sex appeal like I had never seen before! She could also rock both straight and wavy hair effortlessly

    Every video with her was an instant buy. She is definitively missed. Is that costume still around? (or in its updated version?)

    • It really hugs her body like a glove.

      You can see the blue catsuit is torn around her vulnerable area in this video (pic 5). That’s probably why NGC retired this costume

      • @33SP hadn´t noticed that!

        No matter how elastic or flexible a fabric is, a costume being too tight (even if we absolutely love that look) will eventually lead to that because of friction and tension!

        Still glad she got to take it out for a spin in some videos! That said I wouldn´t mind some new broken costume videos, only time I remember the heroine got her costume ripped a bit (not just the pantyhose like Angel in season 2 ep 8) was in Shadowfox 4th vid and Wonderstrike when she lost the sleeves of her original costume and as Metro Girl in Action cosplay as well! No need to destroy it during the video though, she could be fighting with broken pieces if someone ambushes after a previous hard fought battle.

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