Member Gift: Spectrum & Wonderstrike

This week’s Member Gift, to go alongside ‘End of a Miracle’ at, is from a photo shoot we did a while back with Spectrum and Wonderstrike. A couple of minutes of fun clips from behind the scenes in a few different outfits. I’m certain you’ll enjoy it, make sure to open Friday’s email for more details!


  • Two of my favourites! This looks very fun.
    Plus, I can’t miss any opportunity to see more of Wonderstrike in that shiny black number

  • Agree on the black outfit, but please release any and every frame of WS in the Dynamite Doll costume. And if there’s a chance for her to revisit that suit, I’m all for it.

    • I answered this somewhere 2 days ago. She has moved to the other end of the country, it doesn’t seem likely. I expect a continued change in cast over the next year before things settle down. This is all pandemic related.

      • So heartbreaking to hear. Given that it’s been a year and a half since Spectrum’s last release I figured something along those lines had happened. It just hits different when it’s confirmed. She was amazing though and I loved every minute of when she was on screen. Just wish she could have come back.

        *Deep sigh*

        • I know how you feel. The Starshot pic gave me a sunken feeling, knowing she likely won’t be seen again (although I love the idea of reusing her costume!) It’s been wonderful to still have Celestia and Miss Freedom after so much time, but turnover is inevitable and as much as I miss departed actresses, new arrivals are really exciting.
          I don’t mean to diminish how unfortunate it is when an actress departs, just to recognize that the next recruit may become your new favorite actress.

          • Yes, I’m afraid the pandemic caused a big churn in who we were able to work with again. It wasn’t merely the span of time, people re-evaluated their lives and moved to different places, or quit acting, or something along those lines. We’re beginning the process of changing how we recruit people and how they are seen for the first time. It will be more of a gradual process from now on.

          • Feel like at this point I’ve just mentally checked out of the genre at this point to be honest. For you Dr Mabuse some of your favorites are still around. It would be one thing if it was just Spectrum but literally all my favorite heroines ranked 1-6 seem to not be filming anymore. That’s just tough.

          • We’re very active in trying to find new people. When we do, even they can take a few videos to really start hitting the high notes. These characters are all played by young women and their lives change drastically with or without a pandemic, though it has been a particularly bad thing to happen. I worked with Spectrum for about 3-4 years I think, and we made what we made, about 20 videos. It’s above average.

          • Just like Dr Mabuse, I’m very excited by all the recent new heroines. Captain Liberty started off great, and has been getting better in every video. Her most recent appearance with Alaric was off the charts! The new Majesty made a strong debut in the ring, and I can’t wait to see more. And, of course, like I’ve said many times, I fell in love with Alias / Supremacy Alpha right from the first photo.
            It may be a time of change and uncertainty, but from where I’m sitting, the NGC roster is in safe hands.

  • Now I know that would be one major pain , but have, I guess when this pandemic tames down some but ever thought of some kind of re-union anniversary get together, it would be an epic treat for us fans and I think for the actresses themselves to rekindle their fun times
    Just a wild idea of mine

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