Member Gift: Starshot

The last time we did this people seemed to enjoy it, so here is some more. In her classic costume this time, posing and fighting a Darkheart! Make sure to get ‘Genesis’ starring Bluebird within 48 hours of member release on Friday or this will be gone!


  • If there’s ever a week when you’re scrounging for content to offer as the members’ gift, I suggest you just find something, anything with Starshot in it that nobody’s seen and call it a day.

  • Oladeji Oriola says:

    Fair enough but what if they wanted to buy it at a later time or date. I personally think its something you should reconsider

    • Well if they are not enticed by the gift and the discount price available at the same time then I can’t really rely on them. I’m very pleased and grateful if they do end up buying at some point down the line, but I need people most of all to support the newest releases so that I can plan my next shoot. If any release does poorly it effects the next video I am going to make.

      I want to reward the people that never fail me, over and over.

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