Member Gift: Steel Sister

To go with your purchase of ‘Miss Freedom Trapped!’ this weekend, we’ve put together over 2 and a half minutes of unseen footage from the Season 3 Episode 1 shoot starring Steel Sister. Sadly she wasn’t around for long but we loved everything she did while she was here. To get this special video simply get ‘Miss Freedom Trapped!’ within 48 hours of receiving the Members email on Friday.


  • All right! Loved the Steel Sister and very much looking forward to this. These screenshots look fantastic, btw. The second one captures what was so great about her (classic “steely-eyed” heroine look, pun intended) and the third one is a nice BTS moment.

  • miss her. Probably my favourite NGC heroine. At least I’ve got the videos to enjoy. Thanks for making this available. Can’t wait to see it.

  • I gotta say that she was really incredible. I re-watched this episode and the one where she faced off with Celestia in the mix and she was such a talent on screen. A shame she wasn’t around for longer. Probably would have become a favorite of mine.

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