Member Gift: Supreme Girl

To go alongside ‘Metro-Girl: Dark Money’ we have a gift for all early-birds who purchase within 48 hours: Supreme Girl unseen! Over 2 minutes of the time NGC’s Spectrum donned the famous Blue and Red costume in Action Cosplay video ‘Who Are You?’ from last year. To get these extra clips make sure you buy ‘Metro-Girl: Dark Money’ before Sunday at

As you can see, there is also some Miracle Maiden in these clips as well.


  • YES!…Spectrum in a Supergirl outfit and the Amazonian Lady Victory!
    This is one of my favourite videos!
    ….can someone please move the hands of time forward, ever so slightly, so that I may get this NOW, please?

    ……thankyouverymuch. 🙂

  • NGC – your mission (should you choose to accept it) for the remainder of this year, and possibly into next year – GET SPECTRUM BACK INTO THAT SUPERGIRL OUTFIT….please. 🙂

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