Member Gift: Tough Justice 2 UNSEEN

This week’s Member Gift (on top of the photo set of course) is UNSEEN takes from ‘Tough Justice 2’ starring Spectrum and Infinity Girl, about 2 minutes of action and general madness. To get this video you need to purchase ‘Bimbo-Trap!’ starring Virtue within 48 hours of member emails being sent out on Friday. That’s just how it works!


  • The VTV episodes are loads of fun in general, but this one was especially good. Spectrum and Infinity Girl (who is deeply missed) were a terrific team (here and in their episodes together in Season 4) and the comic elements in this video played to their strengths. Also, the girls got into some particularly great trouble here.

  • Darkwrath016 says:

    Oh how much I loved this episode and this Villain’s Network entry. Two years after its release and it’s still on repeat.

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