Member Gift: Wonderstrike UNSEEN

This week’s Member Gift, to go alongside ‘Double Bluff’ starring Ubiquity, is UNSEEN video from ‘Dark Mercenary’, where Wonderstrike thought she was just fighting the Anvil (bad enough), but found Nemesis as well (very bad). Some lovely action in this one as our heroic ditzy blonde runs into a lot of trouble. If you want this UNSEEN video you need to open your Member email on Friday. Not a Member? It’s FREE to join all over this site. You get access to over 100 New Member Only photo sets a year, unseen videos like this one, as well as early access to new video releases at discount prices! Did I say it’s FREE! I don’t know why you wouldn’t join, I really don’t.


  • Awesome! Great video 🙂
    Took me a bit to realise what it was that looked different about Wonderstrike in this one. I believe it’s the only Wonderstrike video where she doesn’t have ruby red lipstick (one of her Metro-Girl videos too)
    She looks amazing either way. Just something I noticed

  • I’m looking forward to this clip. She may be a ditzy blonde, but Wonderstrike is wonderfully formidable in this video, taking down the Anvil pretty handily before Nemesis shows up to take care of business. The WS/Anvil fight is fast and brutal, with WS at her stylish confident best before that confidence evaporates completely once she realizes what she’s up against.

    • Yes, I think this is a worthwhile gift, the main video possibly gets lost in the Wonderstrike canon, but its very good, she’s on top form.

      • There was some particularly inventive use of a plastic roadside barrier in this one that really stuck out in my mind 😀

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