Member Gift: Wonderstrike UNSEEN

Member Gift this week is UNSEEN Wonderstrike from ‘Villain’s Accomplice – Part 1’, where she tried to trick a rather excited Dr Progress. The plan almost worked! This Member Gift is a bit longer than usual, and is available to Members who open FRIDAY’s email for the main release ‘Interview With A Dominator’ starring Majesty.


  • This was the first video I bought on the day of release, and still one of my favourite Wonderstrike videos.
    And wanting to see more of Wonderstrike in that shiny black number is what persuaded me to buy my first photo-set, too

      • Yeah, I only discovered this place during lockdown.
        I had lots of time on my hands, naturally, and would often spend hours looking through google image search for random heroine-in-peril images.
        One day I found the picture from Season 1’s “Freedom & Truth”, of Doctor Truth using Miss Freedom as a footrest, and it ticked so many of my boxes that I had to find out more. Then I found the free Bluebird video on the site, and was immediately blown away, and started a deep-dive through the back catalogue.
        And that’s how my NGC journey began.

        So Covid is kind of to blame for me finding this place 😆

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