Member Gift: Wonderstrike UNSEEN

This week’s Member Gift is a rather excellent tie-in with the main video release ‘Redstone Liberation’ as we look back at UNSEEN video from ‘Redstone Gang’ where Wonderstrike ran into Reggie and his minions, seemingly unaware of the power they had in their hands. Some great combat takes you’ve not seen before, any Wonderstrike fan will enjoy this. If you want it, you just need to be a Member before Friday and open the Member email!


  • Dr Mabuse says:

    Terrific, I need to revisit this one as well. There’s no shortage of great WS videos in the last few years, but this video is a relatively rare example of a gang fight. Most videos, it seems, have one-on-one fights and occasionally we’ll see two-to-one, but seeing a heroine take on three bad guys (and get thoroughly defeated) like this isn’t common.

  • I loved the peril in this one. Wonderstrike facing three men who might have all kinds of fantasies was such an excellent peril!

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